Sugar ERP 360

Raintree Computing is an IT Development & Consulting Company offering ERP, Cane Management Solutions, Supply Chain Management System, Vehicle and Employee Tracking, Enterprise Mobile Apps and other Software Solutions on .Net, Java &Android platforms and also offering Sugar ERP360° and Customized Softwares.

Sugar ERP 360° is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software product developed by Word-Class and deep experienced Experts of Raintree Computing with an aim of providing an integrated software solution for Sugar and its allied industries.

Sugar ERP 360° Produces the reports in English as well as in Marathi and other Local languages. It covers all the activities of the sugar factory in various modules like Cane Management System, Inventory, Cane Development Activities, Sales Invoicing, Purchases and Accounts etc. Powerful MIS reports and graphical presentations enrich the Management with precious Information on their fingerprint. Sugar ERP 360° is the Integrated and Proven solution for Sugar and allied industries and suitable for implementation as a whole as well as module-wise.

Key Features of Sugar ERP 360°